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Value Added Services

ESD Survey: Improper use or installation of your ESD control products can be as devastating as not having them. Our onsite ESD survey will identify any trouble areas and validate all equipment in your control product are functional and utilized properly. The survey is based on the ESD associations ANSI S 20.20 ESD control document - industry standard for developing and maintining an effective ESD control program. Request your sample ESD Survey report and a copy of the ANSI S20.20 document. Scheduling the surrvey is easy and best of all this is a NO COST service we provide. Call or email Ruffin or Jim to schedule.

Solder process evaluation: Challenging solder applications and even everyday bad soldering habits can cause reliability and low yield issues as well as excessive rework, We can help with our no cost evaluation of your tools, processes, machines and personnel. Components are getting smaller, boards getting thicker and need for efficient high reliability end product is increasing. Let us help you increase yields, eliminate scrap and increase your profits. Call or email Ruffin Blackard ( phone (423) 710 6005 to schedule your no cost evaluation.

IPC and Customized solder training: We can provide IPC certified training onsite at your facility, using your tools and equipment to cut scrap and rework cost and increase your profitability with a high reliability soldering team. Our onsite approach even for small class re-certifications keeps your personnel in their work environment, eliminates travel cost and gets your staff back to production faster. Classes as small as one or two students are possible.

IPC 610 Certified specialist and Certified trainer certification and re-certification, IPC 7711/7721 rework and repair of electronic assemblies certified IPC specialist training certification and re-certification, IPC JSTD-001 certified IPC specialist certification and recertification and IPC 620 certified IPC specialist are all offered and at substantial savings off traditional training center pricing. Customized class to your specific soldering task can be designed around your staffs skills and available equipment. Train on what you have, learn the proper techniques and equipment maintenance, increase those first pass yields.

ESD Awareness training onsite at you facility including ESDA certification.


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